Providing the First Line of Defense

Against Fires

Fire Safety is Our Priority

As the first line of defense against fire, fire extinguishers are essential to have and maintain in your business or home. Serving Palatka, FL, and surrounding areas, Lightfoot Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc. takes your safety seriously.

We recommend monthly fire extinguisher inspections. These inspections consist of checking the gauge every month, making sure the needle is in the green. If it is in the red section, contact our team, and we will have it fixed in no time! Several times a year, turn the extinguisher upside down to fluff the powder, making it more effective in case of a fire.

Fire Extinguisher inspections Palatka, FL, and surrounding areas

Step One

Twist the pull pin to break the tamper seal and pull out the pin.

Step Two

Point the nozzle or hose at the base of the fire.

Step Three

Squeeze the handle and sweep the hose back and forth over the flames until the fire is extinguished.

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